North Beach Pipeline Utilizes Accessibility Tools to Improve their Cannabis Dispensary User Experience

North Beach Pipeline, a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary in San Francisco, CA, is dedicated to creating a seamless customer experience for all visitors and shoppers of their cannabis products. To ensure all of their customers have a positive and accessible experience, North Beach Pipeline has implemented several accessibility tools for their digital media.

They have implemented tools like increasing the size of text, decreasing the size of text, grayscale, high contrast, negative contrast, light background, links underlined, readable font, and a reset button. These tools are designed to provide a better experience for those with visual impairments that may not be able to access their website or app in its original state.

In addition to improving the customer experience, North Beach Pipeline is also dedicated to educating their customers on the medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis. To achieve this, they have created a comprehensive blog that covers topics like how to purchase medical marijuana in Belden Place, CA, and the different types of cannabis available in their Jackson Square, CA, dispensary. They have also set up informational pages about accessing cannabis products in North Beach, CA and Russian Hill, CA.

Overall, North Beach Pipeline is dedicated to providing a safe and accessible experience for all of their customers. By utilizing accessibility tools and educating their customers on cannabis products, they are working to create a positive and satisfying experience for everyone who visits their dispensary. To learn more about North Beach Pipeline and their accessibility tools, visit: North Beach Pipeline