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Serving the residents of Rawls Springs, Oak Grove, Glendale, Petal, and West Hattiesburg, our cannabis dispensary offers a diverse selection of resources, whether you’re a medical cannabis patient or a recreational user seeking high-quality cannabis products.

Whether it’s for soothing relief, restful sleep, or invigorating energy, at SOAR, we’ve got your needs covered. Offering a repertoire of top-tier, lab-tested products such as edibles, flower, concentrates, vapes, or topicals, it’s our mission to provide you with the finest, consistent, and safest cannabis experience in Hattiesburg, MS.

As pioneers in the field of medical cannabis, we make it our priority to educate and empower our customers. To enhance your understanding of the power of cannabis, our friendly team of knowledgeable staff provides customers with personalized and informative consultations. Come on in–we are excited to share our passion and help you make educated decisions about your cannabis use.

Navigate your wellness journey confidently with a partner that values your health as much as you do. Discover the SOAR experience to ensure your journey with cannabis is as beneficial as it can be. Don’t wait, stop by our dispensary in Hattiesburg, MS today. Let us help you elevate your life.