A Day in My Life at New Standard Grand Haven: Edibles and More

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like for an employee at a marijuana dispensary? Welcome to my world, a place where we cater to a diverse range of customers, all seeking premium quality products and a welcoming ambiance that only New Standard Grand Haven provides.

Start of the Day

Each workday begins pretty much like any other. I arrive at our Grand Haven location nestled within the placid beauty of Lake Michigan. It’s a serene beginning in the somewhat unconventional yet equally dynamic world of a marijuana dispensary. My coworkers and I often start our day with a team meeting discussing product knowledge, customer service and safety standards.

As wellness advocates, a significant part of our job is keeping up with quickly evolving cannabis legislation and staying on top of Grand Haven’s marijuana industry, which is home to a vast array of products, especially edibles.

Middle of the Day

The heart of the day finds us in the thick of serving customers. The clientele at New Standard Grand Haven is as broad as it’s deep, ranging from seasoned cannabis consumers, curious newbies, and occasional users looking for the most well-suited strain or products. I get a lot of questions about edibles and their effects. I love that part of the job. It’s all about setting expectations and assisting customers in finding the right dose for a pleasant experience.

In case you didn’t know, edibles are food products infused with cannabis. Think cookies, brownies, candies, gummies, drinks, and much more. New Standard has a treasure trove of edibles, each carefully crafted to deliver a consistent, safe, and delectable experience.

End of the Day

As the day winds down, we shift our focus to cleaning, restocking, and setting up the store for the following day. Though it’s been a busy day, the satisfaction of helping people navigate their wellness journey and the joy of working in a vibrant, ever-evolving industry like marijuana dispensary keeps us motivated.

If it all seems glamourous, remember that working in a new industry presents its fair share of challenges, but the thrill of learning and growing along with the industry outweighs them. Every day at New Standard Grand Haven, amidst the strains, tinctures, vapes, and edibles, I grow as a professional and a person, making my stint in the marijuana industry an adventurous ride towards green.