A Breath of Fresh Aroma at Codes Dispensary, Osage Beach

Osage Beach’s Treasure

Step into Osage Beach, MO, and there’s one aromatic paradise that stands out from the pack — our beloved Codes Dispensary. It’s not just a dispensary; it’s a landmark, a beacon that guides you to a realm of elevated tranquility. From the quirky team called “Code Breakers” to the unmatched quality of their offerings, there’s no better place to awaken your spirits in Osage Beach!

Making Camdenton Green… with Envy!

Our delightful dispensary has caught the attention of neighboring Camdenton, MO too. Worried about our sweet aromas wafting over and causing quite the stir, Camdenton visitors have started making regular detours to partake in our delights. Click on our location here for directions. Khaki shorts and flip-flops optional.

So why not find out what’s turning heads (and noses) in MO? Head down to the one and only Codes Dispensary and let our welcoming team help you on your incredible journey. Who knows, you may even commence some fascinating, light-hearted debates on whether its Osage Beach that makes Codes great or Codes that makes Osage Beach unforgettable.